Locked Journal.

I am making my online journal locked mainly because I don't want just anybody who stumbles across my journal read about my life and it's ups & downs.
I had a previous eljay a few years ago,
but like the dope that I am, I managed to forget the password.
Which sucks, because I had that journal since high school!
Ahhh nearly 5 yrs worth of entrys...

I update often, and have been trying to at least once a day.
I'm usually very active with my eljay friends entrys also, but I have a lot thing's going on in my life right now that take away from my 'internet life' so bare with me.
I love replying on my friends page mainly because I know I love the out-looks and responses back to help and encourage me when I need it the most.
My outlook on having this online journal to vent my thoughts and emotions out on and having people I don't know physically helps me.
Tell me about yourself and why you are just so curious on reading these thoughts of mine.
I won't bite.
I promise =0]

I'm a chain smokin,beer drinkin,seizure havin, Jason lovin, music listenin,constant laughin,picture takin,always forgettin,thrift store buyin,mall hatin,always freezin,pillow huggin,summer lovin,sleeper inner,impulsive kinda girl.

I'm MandaMay.

I am 21 years old.

I graduated in 2005.
I love my bf Jason.
I have grandmal epilepsy.
Dexter, Chuck, Weeds, The Walking Dead, SuperNatural & Raising Hope my fav t.v. shows.
I love music.
I love ipod player.
Music calms me more than anything else.
I love safeway chinese food.
My Mama is my best friend.
My life is complicated.